Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Observations on Servant Leadership

I have been on the servant leadership journey, knowingly, for nearly nine years. I say knowingly because I believe my journey begin long before I became associated with the Center for Servant Leadership.

During my time with the Center, I have learned a lot of lesson on servant leadership. Most of my lessons have been the result of my own observations of people, events, and situations. Over the course of 2014, I would like to share some of my lessons with you.

Observation #1: I have observed people, typically employees, who say that they like their leader (CEO). However, the only time they’ve ever really been in that leader’s presence is at an employee meeting or seeing their leader in a 10 second sound bite on television. Yet, when asked, they say, “I like him. He’s nice.” Although social skills are important, don’t mistake niceness for good leadership.

After all, how well do you really know your leader?


  1. Monthly meetings help the staff to learn more about our leader. To be able to observe him and listen to his words.Listening to him speak at another organization helped to learn more about him but typically adminstrators and their team sit high above everyone else. Unless they come down from the tower, we do not really know them.