Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Can You Trust Your Number Two (Assistant)?

Part 2

Barnabas spent a lot of time with Matthew learning everything he could, following his every move. Matthew had a funny and intellectual sense of humor. He often regaled his employees with stories and jokes about events and people, past and present. The staff loved the stories, and Barnabas laughed right along with them.  
Barnabas accompanied Matthew on every trip—meeting or conference.  The two sat side-by-side on every airline. For his part, Matthew loved to hear Barnabas’ tales of the organization’s latest gossip and rumors.
Although Matthew and Barnabas never socialized together outside of the office, the two became inseparable inside the company. It became a running joke to those who saw them together that whenever Matthew stood up, Barnabas would stand up. Whenever Matthew sat down, Barnabas sat down.
Matthew began to trust Barnabas more and more. He taught Barnabas everything that he knew about the system. The venerable leader, an expert at his craft, was excited to have someone who was willing and wanted to learn and follow in his footsteps. 


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  2. Wonder where this story is going. Could be good or not so good.