Thursday, July 18, 2013

Don't Be a Snake Charmer

Years ago, there was an old man who had a vast amount of land. Every day he would walk his property. On one cold January morning, the old man put on his winter clothes, scarf, and big coat, and proceeded to stroll his acreage. The farther and farther he got away from his home, the colder and colder it became, and snowflakes began to fall.

As he walked the hillside, he saw something moving ever so slightly in the brush. He bent down to have a closer look. It was a snake, and it was frozen stiff from the cold. The old man picked-up the reptile, cradled it, and placed it in his bosom and proceeded with his morning trek.

After a while, the old man grew tired, so he began his walk down the hillside back to his home. The closer and closer he got to his house, the warmer and warmer it became. The snake began to thaw and the old man felt his movement, so the old man opened up his coat and gazed at the creature.

"Aw...," the old man said with all the compassion in the world.

It was at the moment that the snake reared his head, looked the old man right in the eyes, showed his large FANGS and BIT the old man squarely in the chest. The old man fell to the ground writhing in immense pain.

With the snake sitting atop his chest and staring at him intently, the old man, stuttering and gasping for his last breath said, "But, could you?

The snake, with an evil grin and showing his HUGE FANGS said, "You knew that I was a snake when you picked me up."

Lets face it. First, there are people who dont deserve to be in our lives. Yes, most everyone wants to be liked, and some will do anything under the sun to try and gain the admiration of these undeserving people.

Secondly, and equally if not more important, not everyone is going to like you, and it could be for numerous reasons and most of which dont/wont make sense to you. My advice: stay away from these toxic, undeserving people. Select people to be in your life who are worthy of being there. I am pretty sure you know who they are.

Personally, Id rather be alone than to be around someone who is going to emotionally shorten my life-span.

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