Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Twin Pillars of Leadership

As mentioned earlier, this is a treatise on servant leadership. However, I think it is appropriate to discuss the definition of leadership. If Googled, you will find hundreds of definitions on the term.

My favorite characterization is the one coined by best-selling author and noted servant leadership speaker, James Hunter. He says that leadership is "the skill of influencing people to enthusiastically work toward goals identified as being for the common good."

There are two main points in Hunter's definition. First, Hunter says that leadership is a skill. What do we know about a skill? It is learned. It takes practice. In other words, when it comes to a skill, it is important to understand that you will make mistakes but the most you must learn from them and move forward in the right direction.

The next point in Hunter’s definition is that leadership is about influence.  If you do not remember another thing that I write in this treatise, please remember the importance of influence because everyone has it. Whether it is with our employees, family members, or even the eight-year-old little boy lives next door to you, you are a leader.

There is no doubt that Mahatma Gandhi was a leader but so was Adolph Hitler. Why? Because they both had influence.

You are a leader. I am not talking about titles. I am talking about influence. Therefore, the most important question I want to ask you is this: What type of influence are you wielding?


  1. YES!!!! This hits home to me. Especially at this time. Thank you!!!!!!