Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How To Spot Innovative Hires

The following is Part One of a four-part series on hiring for innovative ideas. The series will post each Wednesday during the month of April.

If you want innovative ideas to surface in your company, it is your job to cultivate an atmosphere in which all types of creativity are valued. Before you hire your perfect candidate, make sure your organization is truly ready to hear new ideas.

Many of the resumes that cross my desk are white pieces of paper that list education, experiences, and skills. Since they're typically from traditionally-minded people who prefer not to call attention to themselves, I don't expect anything else.

Some people who are more expressive also include links to websites, where they post videos or slide presentations. Some resumes cleverly include square QR bar codes to scan, leading to multimedia links. I've also seen resumes from designers that are so colorful and inventive they are like works of art. Some of these are visually stunning, but it can take me 20 minutes to decipher the creator’s job qualifications. I've seen a resume set up like a board game, with a spinner in the middle, and—my personal favorite—one you cut out and fold into a colorful little box with the job seeker’s information printed on all six sides. It’s a thinking-outside-the-box box!

Coming Next Week: How to identify natural strengths in the job application and the interview process.

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