Monday, April 8, 2013

3 Powerful Questions to Help Take You to the Next Level

When you ask yourself a question, your brain immediately searches for an answer, so why not get in the habit of asking yourself powerful questions that will move you in the direction you really want to go?
The following are three powerful questions that will help take you to the next level. 

1. What do I want? This is the essential ‘goal’ question. The objective must be clear. You can’t throw darts in a dark room and expect to hit your target.

2. Why do I want it? “Purpose always produces passion.” When you write on a piece of paper why you want what it is that you want, keep in mind that that it might be a whole list of things—not just one or two. Whatever motivates you, write it down. Let it flow.

3. How do I expect to get it? I know so many people (me included at times) who have a goal and a purpose for achieving the goal but they have no game plan or strategy. Well, you cannot wish your way to success. You need a strategy. Your favorite sports teams don’t sit around all day reciting incantations. Coaches spend hours putting together a game plan to win their next game. Shouldn't you do the same? Your game plan is rooted in this question.

So, begin asking your brain powerful questions. If you would like to jumpstart this process, let me help you. The first person to email me at, precisely at 10:15 a.m. (eastern time) this morning (Monday, April 8) will receive a free (by phone) 50 minute coaching session following the same format mentioned above.

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