Monday, April 1, 2013

3 Benefits of Visualizing Your Success

In 1999, the Duke University women’s basketball team defeated the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers in the Elite Eight to advance to the Final Four. It was a monumental upset by the Lady Blue Devils. Tennessee was coached by the legendary Pat Summitt whose Lady Volunteers were on a quest to win their fourth straight national championship.

Pandemonium erupted as the buzzer sounded and the game ended. A television commentator asked one of the Duke players whether the Lady Blue Devils really thought they could defeat the powerful Tennessee Volunteers. The Duke player looked calmly into the camera and said she was not surprised at all. She said every day after practice their coach, Gail Ann Goestenkors, took the team into a room, dimmed the lights, and had them visualize "this moment."

This story is a great example of the importance of visualization. If you need motivation on reasons to visualize your success, the following are three reasons why:

1. The Big Picture. When in the process of trying to reach a goal, sometimes it easy to get mired down in the details. Even the most Concrete Thinkers can’t deny that. Visualization forces you to focus on the big picture.

2. Raises Expectations. “A man is the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes,” said Mahatma Gandhi. When a person thinks about something long enough, he can’t help but to get excited. As the excitement level increases, so will his expectations, which in turn will increase his motivation.

3. It’s Nice to Dream. Do you know who has the best dreams? Kids! I don’t care if they live in the suburbs, the projects, or the country, if you ask a young person what he or she wants to be when they grow up, they’re going to look you innocently in the eyes and tell you. However, somewhere along the way, we adults lose sight of our dreams. We just caught up in the day-to-day things of life—mowing the lawn, washing the dishes, checking our emails, etc. I encourage you to take time out for yourself and simply dream and see yourself doing the things life in which you endeavor to achieve (From my soon-to-be new book: Define Your Destiny).

Do you ever take the time to visualize your success?

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