Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Fundamentals Come First

Whenever I give a speech about servant leadership, invariably, someone or some people in the audience will flash me a look of, “Why do I have to listen to this stuff?”

I think that I have told many of you that my father, besides being a retired chemistry and physics teacher, is also a retired basketball coach. I remember vividly every practice began with the fundamentals—dribbling, passing, shooting layups, getting in a defensive stance—the little things.

My dad’s practices generally lasted two hours but he spent at least one hour, each day, on the fundamentals. Many of the players loathed the first hour of practice. However, in the end, they were successful. All of his teams with the exception of three (two of which were the last two years he coached because of illness), won more than 22 games.

Whenever I write about love, forgiveness, trust, caring, and humility, keep in mind, that these are the fundamentals of servant leadership. Yes, I love Emergenetics, but let’s not forget that Emergenetics or MBTI or any instrument will not do any of us any good unless we master the fundamentals of the world’s most ancient leadership philosophy.

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