Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our Life's Journey: Becoming a Human Being

Recently, I was reading an article on servant leadership, and I was struck by the opening paragraph. It was really thought-provoking. It read:

“In The Great Learning, Confucius said ‘to become a leader one must first become a human being.’ Peter Senge, Director, MIT Sloan School of Management, believes that Confucius’s statement means little today because we have lost the sense of our life’s journey as one of becoming a human being.”

What do you think? Do you agree with Senge? In light of all of the technological advancements in our society, have we lost touch on the importance “becoming a human being?”

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  1. I actually wrote a post on whether social media was killing relationships. My personal belief if that technology is a tool that can improve or harm depending on the way it is used. However, on the subject of understanding our journey of "becoming human" I totally agree that we have lost that mindset. We are an instantaneous society and we want everything now..(often guilty of that one :-). We would do well to remind each other that we are on a journey and not running a race!

  2. Sandy, you make a very good point. I, too, can see both sides of the fence. On the one hand, I feel social media has caused a bit of disconnect with people. However, on the other hand, it was because of social media that I have reconnected with people I have not seen or talked to in years. It's all so new but it appears to be moving at warp speed.