Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A CFO's Emergenetics Thinking Attributes

Meet Sandy Harris. Sandy is the Chief Financial Officer of the Pastoral Institute. Her Emergenetics profile reads:

Analytical (Blue) – 30%
Structural (Green) – 31%
Social (Red) – 25%
Conceptual (Yellow) – 14%

*Note: 23% or greater is considered a strength.

Obviously, being the CFO and having a preference for Analytical Thinking of 30% is helpful. One reason I know she has a preference for Structural Thinking—she arrives to work everyday at the same time. Look at her smile. This is a sure sign (and the fact that she agreed to my personal photo shoot) that Sandy has a Social Thinking preference of 25%.

As for her 14% preference for Conceptual Thinking, which is not a strength, don't worry, Sandy has enough right brain coworkers she can lean on whenever the need arises.


  1. She is also very compassionate. Which scale is that on??
    Emergentics very helpful in looking at office relationships.

  2. I don't know how I missed this comment. The Compassion part of Sandy's personality is rooted in her Social Thinking Attribute. Great observation!