Thursday, February 7, 2013

Servant Leadership: Let's Not Get Too Academic

Several years ago, I had lunch with a few acquaintances of mine. A university professor who was with us spent the whole meal regaling the group about the leadership books he was reading.

But at one point he said something that made me chuckle on the inside, so much so, that I had to let it out.

He said, “I can’t seem to get my students to grasp the concept of servant leadership.”

“Why don’t you tell them to get a job,” I chimed in somewhat sarcastically but feeling a need to get my point across.

Reading iLead2Serve everyday will not make you a servant leader. It takes more than reading books, watching documentaries, and attending training classes to be successful on this journey. All of these mechanisms are great but what they do is provide you with information. The essence of the journey comes with application and practice.

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