Thursday, November 1, 2012

Emergenetics and Servant Leadership

I am often asked, “What role does Emergenetics play in servant leadership?” The answer: it plays a huge role. In order to answer this question, I point people to our definition of servant leadership.

The Pastoral Institute's definition of servant leadership is: Servant leadership is a lifelong journey that includes the discovery of oneself, a desire to serve others and a commitment to lead.

The second part of that definition "the discovery of oneself" is the most important quality of a servant leader-self-awareness. The key to being a leader is understanding who you are.

In Emergenetics, we teach participants how to understand themselves. We want everyone to (1) understand their strengths and (2) improve on their strengths. This is the key to effective leadership. And this is the role Emergenetics plays in servant leadership.

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