Friday, September 21, 2012

Evaluating My Top 10

Yesterday I met with a friend of mine. His name is Jack. Jack is a dreamer. He sees the world for what it is—a place to stake his claim and make his place in it.  Jack has a clear vision of what he wants and understands his unique gifts but he is self-aware enough to realize that he is still on an adventurous path in this thing called life.

Recently, I read that if you took stock of the top 10 people in your life, those are the people, in the end, you are most likely to resemble.

I enjoy friends like Jack.  He gets it. He understands the many possibilities in this world and is courageous enough to seek them out. We haven’t known each other very long. But he is easily in my top 10.

What about you? Do you have friends like Jack? Who is in your top 10?

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