Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Your Child and His Teacher


It is almost that time again--back to school. Here is something for you parents of young children to think about: What if your child has a different personality than his teacher? If so, this can cause problems. Your right brain child prefers ambiguity. But his teacher prefers structure. Your child wants to sit in a different seat each day. His teacher wants the class to sit in alphabetical order. Your child is creative. His teacher has a slither of yellow (conceptual thinking).

Obviously, your child has to respect his teacher and her wishes. However, it would help if the teacher is self-aware and understands the different thinking preferences of her students.

If you are a parent, I suggest you get to know your child's teachers and their thinking and behavior preferences, and then constantly communicate these differences, if there are any, with your child. This may very well be the difference between parenting an great student versus a good student.

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