Monday, August 20, 2012

He Needs People

I was talking to my friend, William, over the weekend. I noticed he was a little sad. I could not understand why. After all, he has a new job, new title, and new money.

For years, he was the division manager for a large corporation until late last spring when the company president offered him a promotion as Special Projects Director. William is now working in corporate headquarters.

In his old job, he was surrounded by people. He managed a lot by walking around and was known to eat in the cafeteria, almost daily, with his employees. But in his new job he has to find people to talk to.

Gone is his office that was near every employee who was within earshot of his voice. It is replaced by a cubicle alongside two other directors—both of whom are very quiet.

In case you have not guessed it by now, William is an extrovert. His energy is fueled by being around other people. Now, he is borderline miserable.

In his new job, as Special Projects Director, he works virtually alone. At the end of the day, he cannot wait to leave the office (to be with people—lots of people). 

What can be learned from Williams’ situation? I need a little more time to see how things turn out. However, it must be noted that more money, more prestige, and titles are great. But in the long run, make sure your new surroundings fit your personality.

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