Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Assembling a High Performance Team


As I mentioned in last Friday's post, Dr. Geil Browning, Founder, Emergenetics International was in town. Here is what (Part 1) she recently wrote in regards to how to assemble a high performance team:

"The real key to assembling a high performance team is brain science. In my work, we cultivate a 'meeting of the minds' and, as a result, we see teams experience higher creativity and greater productivity. Using a concept we developed, called the Whole Emergenetics Team (WEteam™ for short), you can quickly put together a successful team by selecting the team members according to their thinking and behavioral attributes, not their job title, formal role, or even recognized skills and competencies.

A team built with all seven of the brain attributes for effective management will outperform a team in which one or more is missing. Meetings can become a time to walk a challenge through all the attributes, guaranteeing that you will generate new ideas, and workable solutions."

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