Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The following are a few of my thoughts on the Center for Servant Leadership, the work that we do, and the people we've been so fortunate to reach.

Educational. Whether I am writing something philosophical or about myself, which you might have to read between the lines, I hope you are learning something by reading iLead2Serve.  For instance, when I write about me being an introvert, I might not be representative of all introverts but I am close enough. What I write is what many introverts (the people you work and live with) think.

Informative.  I am proud, yet humbled, by the work that we do. We have been so fortunate. And I think it is important for people around the world reading iLead2Serve, see the work that we are doing. We are working with some amazing organizations and they are doing some phenomenal things. Organizations like Wallace State Community College, Schuster Enterprises, Sumter County Elementary School, the Gardens at Calvary, Aflac, Athens State University, Fairview Park Hospital (my first big client that holds a special place in my heart) and numerous others (please forgive me if I did not mention your organization at this time).

Thought-provoking. Yesterday I asked you the question: What do you really know about your boss? I wanted you to think. We spend so much time during political season asking questions regarding our favorite candidates. We vet them something serious. However, how much thought do you give to the people who really have control over your life—your supervisor, manager, CEO, etc? I can tell a lot about a person by the type of people they are willing to follow.

I hope you are enjoying iLead2Serve as much I enjoying bringing it to you!

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