Tuesday, June 5, 2012

If You Don't Use It...

I have been a public speaker most of my life. I started when I was in the seventh grade. However, I remember back in the early 1990’s when I stopped giving speeches. I just would not do it. I guess you could say that I was in a funk. My mom tried desperately to get me to snap out of it. And then one day it hit me.

I was working at TSYS. I was asked to give a presentation with my boss. He was a vice president. This was a big deal. We were to give four presentations—45 minutes each to everyone in our division. I will never forget what happened to me moments before I was to present. I became nervous. My heart began beating really fast so much so that I could actually hear it. It sounded like a base drum. I was sweating profusely. I could not believe it. This had never happened to me before.

“Dude, what’s wrong with you,” I asked myself. “You’re Kelvin Redd. You’ve been doing this your whole life. Snap out of it,” I could hear the voice in my head challenging me.

I finally did gather myself, and I promised I would never let that happen to me again. I have been speaking ever since.

Each of us is special. We are uniquely gifted and talented in at least “that” one something. But it must be used. It is not meant to be hidden. As my mom would say when she was trying to get me to snap out of it, “If you don’t use it, you will lose it.”

What gifts and talents do you have that you are currently not using?

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