Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Speak Therefore I Am

I told you yesterday that I am a speaker. Some of you asked what my topics are.

As the Director of the Center for Servant Leadership, my primary responsibility is to spread servant leadership around the world. We do this in various ways—social media (iLead2Serve), training, and keynote speeches.

Our primary training is as follows:

Lead Different: An Introduction to Servant Leadership is an interactive session where participants share insights from their own experiences and from stories of servant leaders and non-servant leaders.  Team building activities are used to illustrate essential practices of exemplary leaders that highlight the principles of servant leadership.

Playing Nice in the Sandbox is a research-based approach to teaching healthy and effective communication skills in the workplace. This workshop provides co-workers the skills needed to work more efficiently and successfully as a team, resolve conflict without damaging relationships, and preserve and enhance a friendly work environment.

Emergenetics is a brain-based personality assessment program where participants learn how Emergenetics’ methods facilitate communication and promote personal, team and leadership effectiveness. It is unlike any profile or assessment process with which you may be familiar. This fast-paced self-awareness program will lead you through the processes of how you think and behave, and how these influence your personal and professional life.

Building Team Performance Potential is an Emergenetics-based program about the strengths you and your teams possess and the ones you have to discover. During the session, you are introduced to different levels of team performance and you are led through an insightful process that examines how you and your team prefer to work, think and behave, as well as how these attributes influence your team’s overall performance.

We have had the privilege of presenting many of these workshops at organizations such as Aflac, Synovus, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, CFY-New York City, Pine Haven Communities (Sheboygan, Wisconsin), Berry College, Athens State University, Auburn University, Presbyterian Church USA, Sumter County (Georgia) Elementary School, Fairview Park Hospital, Wallace State Community College, the Gardens at Calvary, TSYS, and many more.

Finally, I am available for keynote speeches on anything that involves servant leadership, self-awareness, and motivation.

If you are interested in any of these workshops or speeches, please do not hesitate to give me a call. I can be reached by email, or phone at 706-649-6380 option #1.

We do have 4C Grant Funds available (workshops only) to help defray your costs.

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