Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Providing Co-Workers with Comfort in Tough Times


A couple of years ago, one of our co-workers here at the Pastoral Institute died in a plane accident. It was a tough ordeal for us all. But I was so amazed and proud of the outpouring of support offered by the Pastoral Institute's staff. When I say we came together for our dearly departed co-worker's family, I mean it. We came together. We handled many of the funeral arrangements and entertained his loved ones. Most importantly, the PI family comforted them.

Actually, this not unusual for the PI. When one of our co-workers is going through tough times, it is a comforting site to see so many of the other co-workers come to their aid. Personally, when I have gone through tough times, I have felt very fortunate to work for such a caring and consoling organization. This is the emotional and spiritual benefit of working at the Pastoral Institute.

When you or one of your co-workers is going through a tough time, does the rest of the team, department, or division rally around that person to provide them comfort and support?

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  1. You are so correct when you say the PI comes together as a family for one another. In good times and bad.