Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Pick-Me Up for a Friend

Yesterday evening a good friend called me. He had just received some bad news. It was not life or death. Heck, he had already experienced that years earlier. And he is still here, so that should tell you something. However, yesterday he was crushed. The following quote is for him as well as those of you who simply need a little pick me up.

“The busyness of our lives doesn’t allow us time to pause and appreciate the people we have around us. Adversity often awakens us to the treasures that are far more important than money and material possession: our health, our family and our friends. Sudden financial losses teach us that we shouldn’t base our happiness on money. An illness teaches us to be humble and lead a healthy life. A sudden loss in the family makes us appreciate the cycle of birth, life and death. Such things may seem superficial, but you should learn from adversities if you don’t want them to control your life.” - Amrit Hallan

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