Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Forbidden Fruit: Temptation in the Workplace

You have been called. You have a special assignment. You are the leader. But you must have intestinal fortitude or backbone. And you must be true to your word. There will be days when it seems as though you can do no wrong. You are on top of the world. Your employees treat you like a queen (or king). They laugh at your jokes. They even fetch you water. That is why you must withstand all temptation.

For instance, there are days when you leave the office early. There are other days when you tack on an extra half-hour to your lunch. You have become best friends with one of your students and you show him favoritism. You leave exceptionally early after lunch on Fridays—and you are gone for the weekend. You are responsible for counting the money at your organization’s special events and you do not mind helping yourself to a few extra dollars here or there—no one will notice—you say. You have become close to a vulnerable employee (of the opposite sex) who is having problems with her spouse at home but you are still married. You witness your boss stealing money from the company but you look the other way and decide to say nothing. A division leader wants your boss’ job and he asks you to keep an eye on him—he has a deal for you—you say ok.

Perhaps you think these temptations will not happen to you. Guess again. They can. You must always keep in mind that is a privilege to be the leader—a gift. Hard to come by but easy to go. Your responsibility should not be taken lightly. You set the tone. You must have (or develop) the ability to say no to your temptation(s).

Question: Are you ever tempted (to do wrong) at work?

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