Thursday, April 19, 2012


I have a lot on my mind these days. I have so many friends (me included) who are questioning their own existence.

I believe it is healthy to have this mindset. It forces one to think about the world and one's place in it. I have been on this journey for a while now.

It has been fun but also frustrating. Fun because I am enjoying finding out new things about myself, and the world around me. Frustrating because I think I am missing out on something. But I do not know what it is.

I do know my calling. I have actually known it for some time now. But a calling must be strengthened. That is where I am right now--building upon my strengths.

However, it is evolutionary. I used to give nothing but keynote speeches. Now I spend the majority of my time facilitating workshops. Those are two separate endeavors.

I want to give more keynotes. During a workshop, I walk the room. I get to know people. I get to hear their stories.

During a keynote, it is just me speaking--on stage all by myself. This can take a lot of nerve. I better stop here before I lose mine (nerves). LOL! Seriously, I love it.

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