Sunday, April 8, 2012

May the Works I've Done Speak for Me

My faith is important to me. I do not wear it on my sleeves, though. I do not feel a need to tell you about my beliefs. With me, what you see is what you get. And I hope you can see it in my works.

When I fall short, and I do, I do so knowing that I have done the best that I can. And as my late grandmother used to tell me, “Kelvin, just make sure you do the right thing.” This is how I live my life.

That is why during the political season I find it interesting when good people who run for office are forced to tell the world that they are good people. It seems so unfair. But it is one of the unwritten rules of the game in which they are playing. We see that same game played in the workplace.

Well, I refuse to live that life or play that game. Take me at face value or do not take me at all. So, as the song I hear in church so aptly says, “May the works I’ve done speak for me.”


  1. This is an amazing word! I've found myself over the last few years being expected to speak of my work, as opposed to allowing the work to speak for itself. At times, I felt almost penalized for not shouting my "good works". It was not understood to many that any good I've ever done has been more about God and less about me. Finally, I realized, just a few months ago, that His work through me is so much more important than my words in the world. Be Blessed! I love your blog.