Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PROFESSIONAL COACHING: Moving toward a more authentic personhood!

Today's guest blogger is John Adams. John is the Director of the Turner Ministry Resource Center, a division of the Pastoral Institute.

PROFESSIONAL COACHING: Moving toward a more authentic personhood!
Authenticity calls for personal depth and honesty. No matter one’s age, to be authentic means a person has found the ability to balance their inner life with the stressors and challenges encountered externally.

Too often when one mentions Professional Coaching, it is assumed one is talking about some athletic endeavor. However, a more accurate understanding today might mean a relationship designed to help find direction in life when you feel ‘stuck.’ It is a resource to unlock potential.

The Pastoral Institute is now a Board Certified Coaching Center through the Center for Credentialing and Education. For over five years we have provided up to 64 hours of training for persons seeking to be a Professional Coach.

A professionally trained Coach can assist you in reaching goals. This type of Coach does not have a ‘game plan’ for you to run. They simply ask powerful questions to unlock your inner potential. The Coaching conversation would be deliberately tailored toward your goals. The analogy most often used to describe this relationship is the stage coach. The destination is known. The Coach makes sure you’re on the right path and assists in removing obstacles along the way.

For many individuals today, the quest for self-awareness leads to some inventory of strengths and weaknesses. Coaching adds the gift of a personal partner, an advocate and confidant to the equation. The Coach offers support, structure and many times, accountability. They have your best interest at heart!

Self-awareness is part of being a Servant Leader.
• If it’s time for you to be more honest with yourself in order to tackle some big challenges in your life…
• If it’s time to set more appropriate boundaries and appreciate your uniqueness…
• If you want to take more risk but feel the need to have a respectful partner alongside…
…a Professional Coach may be what you need.

John Adams, M.Div., BCC
Director: Turner Ministry Resource Center

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