Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Am Going To Work In A Coffee Shop

I have never been one to study in a public place—restaurants, family gatherings, hotel lobbies, coffee shops, etc. These types of environments are too distracting. I need total quiet for serious reading. However, I have always been captivated by people who do.

Last week, I was trying to get in touch with a good friend of mine. After a couple of hours, we finally connected. He said he had been at one of the local coffee shops. He sounded so excited because he accomplished so much. I was intrigued. “I would like to do that,” I thought to myself.

Well, maybe I can. According to a recent study, the surrounding environment of sound, 70 decibels (the average for a coffee shop), in unrestricted spaces (like a coffee shop), makes working fun and stimulates creativity. Coffee shops are not like the typical, quiet, office space, and they are certainly not crowded football (SEC) stadiums.

In the very near future, I am going to try to work in a coffee shop. My quest to be conceptual continues. I will keep you posted.

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