Sunday, January 29, 2012

Grandma, I Can Still Hear You

My late grandmother, Essie Mae Brundidge, was the salt of the earth. She exuded the wisdom from the Bible in which she often read.

Grandma was a pillar of strength. Even when she was dying of cancer, she fought hard, not just to keep from dying but to live. The Sunday night before entering Hospice care (she went the very next day), she mustered up enough strength to attend a church service.

It was a rare moment in my life when I didn't see her without a smile on her face. Whenever I entered into her presence, she would always say, "Kelvin, come give Grandma a hug." No one could hug me the way she did.

Grandma has been gone now for nearly eight years. But I still think of her, especially during trying times. I will never forget the best advice she ever gave me. I can still hear her voice now saying to me, "Kelvin, be of good courage."

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