Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Midway Point of School: Continue to Be Your Child's Green

Do you have a child who is involved in one or more extra activities in school? More than likely, if you live in the south, your child is already at the midway point of their first semester of the school year.

Although studies show that children involved in extracurricular activities in school actually perform better academically than children who are not, some students can become overwhelmed with school and band or football or cheerleading or whatever it is they are involved in.

Susie is in her first year as a high school cheerleader. Needless to say, her schedule is loaded. She has Friday night football games, practice during the week, and competitions on most Saturday’s during the fall. With all of these activities, she still has homework to do and tests to study for on weeknights and most weekends.

When she comes home from school, she takes a nap that can usually last up to two hours.

So, what is a parent to do? You, the parent, must be their “green.” Green, in the Emergenetics lexicon, means you must provide the structure, the time management, and the practicality for your child.

When your student has a football game (and this is based on the assumption that it is a home game and not an out-of-town game) on Friday night and a competition or contest on Saturday, make sure he uses his time wisely on Sunday. His studies should come first, along with the rest that a growing teenager needs.

The last thing your students needs to do is cram for a Monday test on Sunday night when he’s had all day Sunday to study. This is the practical thing to do.

Communication is the key. A ten minute meeting on Sunday evening is a good time to talk. Meet with him, so you will know what tests he has that week and other activities that might be missing from the refrigerator calendar.

Sure, he may whine and complain but in the long run (probably when he is much older), he is will be so grateful that you took a keen interest in his education.

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