Sunday, October 16, 2011

I am in Otsego, Minnesota this weekend attending the Seeing (things) Whole Conference. It is the second STW symaposium that I have attended. Last year it was held in Connecticut.

I want you to reflect on the name of the organization, “Seeing (things) Whole.” It is what the name implies. Think about it…

The Conference is froked with Sacred Narratives, from Rumi to the Scriptures. They really make me think.

After last night’s dinner, David Specht, Facilitator, asked the attendees to reflect on how the four narratives we have read and discussed are connected. The one thought that came to my mind was in the form of a question: Who am I?

I realized at that moment that I don’t know the answer to that question. It is still a part of my journey—the one that I incessantly teach about in my workshops—the idea that self-awareness is the most important characteristic of a servant leader.

I am still being “beat over the head with a stick” to find out. I am constantly being shaped and re-shaped. With this weekend’s experiences, I cannot help but wonder if God wants me to keep the vision but slow down and take life one-third day at a time: morning, afternoon, and night.

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