Friday, September 23, 2011

Aflac and TSYS in One Week - WOW!

Today marks the end of another fortunate week. On Wednesday, I presented the workshop, Servant Leadership: The World's Greatest Leadership Philosophy, to various leaders at Aflac. The company offers leadership classes to its employees. Servant leadership is one of them, and it is offered quarterly. The Center for Servant Leadership is responsible for presenting this particular workshop. We feel extremely fortunate to have this opportunity. For those of you reading this blog from around the world, Aflac's headquarters is based here in Columbus, Georgia.

Yesterday I had the privilege of presenting the workshop, Playing Nice in the Sandbox, to the TSYS Loyalty and Pre-Paid Division. This was the second of three workshops that I will present to the division in 2011.

Aflac and TSYS are pillars of the Columbus community. Both organizations have been voted Best Place to Work Companies by Fortune magazine.

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