Friday, July 1, 2011

Trying to Find Your Niche? Be Open to Suggestions

When Jill was a little girl, she had dreams of being a pediatrician. She regaled anyone who would listen to her that she was one day going to be a doctor of children.

Upon entering the ninth grade, Jill signed up to volunteer at the local hospital. She was excited when she arrived for orientation. When she met with the Director of Volunteer Services, Jill was instructed that she would be assigned to the pharmacy.

Jill was crushed. She cried and went home and cried some more. She did not want to be a pharmacist she told her parents.

Two days later Jill began work in the pharmacy where she shadowed one of the pharmacists. At the end of the day, that wasn't so bad, she thought to herself. She had the same thought at the end of the next day. By end of the week, she was actually enjoying herself.

On Friday afternoon, the director asked Jill to come to her office.

"If you really do not want to work in the pharmacy, I will move you to the pediatric floor," said the director.

"Oh no, it's okay. I'm actually having fun, and I'm learning a lot."

Four years later, Jill graduated from college with a degree in pharmacy. She is now completing her Masters degree in pharmacy and will soon begin her doctorate studies.

Leadership Lesson
1. Be open to suggestions. Sometimes they are divinely.
2. You might think you know what your niche is until you are exposed to something different.

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