Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Social Student and the Analytical Teacher

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Hey, Ma, She Just Doesn’t Like Me; Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Your Child Just Isn’t Keeping Up.

The social student loves people. If she is a third-third expressive, she is gregarious, and fun-loving. Her teacher and classmates will know she is in the room. If she is a first-third expressive, she still loves people but she is less inclined to make her presence known as much as her third-third counterpart. For the sake of argument, today we will focus on the social student as if she is a third-third expressive.

The social student is intuitive about people, socially aware, sympathetic, empathetic, and learns from others. She likes to study with her friends. Group activities in class are her favorite. She feeds off being in the company of others. As a side note, if you want to punish the social student, send her to her room and tell her to turn off the television, the computer, the iPhone, and do not pick up a book (with a book she is having a conversation with the author). This will drive her up the wall.

As I discussed earlier in the week, the analytical teacher has a penchant for math. She is logical, rational, intellectual, inquiring, objective and a critical thinker. Therefore, when the social student or any other student turns in their homework, the analytical teacher will peruse it with a fine tooth comb. She is like a laser for finding mistakes. Because of this some students may consider her to be critical or negative.

The social student, although very respectful to her teacher, may very well like to talk in class. As you might expect, this can cause tension between the two. If the analytical teacher is self aware, she can use the strength of the social student to her advantage.

The social student can be emotional. Therefore, when faced with a problem she may want to talk it over with her analytical teacher. Word of caution, she will not find much in the way of an overly compassionate analytical teacher. Instead, she will find reason and logic, so she better dry those tears quickly.

The analytical teacher can appear to be a bit gruff to the social student. It may take some time for the two personalities to gel. I knew of one social student who went home from school daily and complained to her parents about her analytical teacher for being so mean. A month later, the social student’s father saw the analytical teacher in the grocery store and the two talked about the social student. The father was surprised to learn that the analytical teacher adored the social student. The student received an “A” in the class. The social student was emotional, while the teacher was logical.

Please join me tomorrow as I discuss the The Structured Teacher and the Conceptual Student.

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