Wednesday, July 20, 2011

First-Third Expressives

According to Dr. Geil Browning, in her book, Emergenetics: Tap Into the New Science of Success, “Your degree of Expressiveness indicates the amount of your participation with others and the world around you…they are seen as quiet and reserved…Expressives are sometimes so quiet…tend to avoid participating in large group situations…”

Don’t impose your personality on other people.
Dr. Johnson is a professor at State U. Her 101 class consisted of 100 students. One month into the semester she pulled Jane aside and asked her why she didn’t ever raise her hand to participate in class. Jane said she didn’t know—she just didn’t. Dr. Johnson told Jane she really needed to be more expressive in class.

Just because you think and behave a certain way and it is a preference of yours, don’t impose your personality on other people. We are all different.

It takes 21 straight days to change a profile (personality and habit). Pulling someone aside to voice your opinion of how you think they should behave is not going to change them overnight.

Since Jane was so quiet in class, perhaps the professor should have asked Jane to send her an email with her thoughts. She may have been surprised by what Jane was thinking.

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