Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Concrete Thinker's Methodical Nature

I am a Concrete Thinker, which means that I am practical, predictable, cautious of new ideas, and I like guidelines. It also means that I am socially aware, sympathetic, empathetic, and intuitive about people.

The two major attributes of a Concrete Thinker are the social and structural sides of the brain. Today I want to focus on the structural side of the brain and what I learned about myself earlier this week.

I have been certified in Emergenetics for several years now. But earlier this week I learned something new about myself. Structural thinkers are methodical. I knew this beforehand but never really paid much attention indepth to the word methodical. I realized that whenever I am in a rush while working on a project I tend to make major mistakes.

It is easy for me to come to work each and every day with a list of things to do and have every intent on completing the list. However, it dawned on me about three days ago that whenever I am working on anything, I need to take my time and follow the necessary steps that I have outlined for myself.

Now, you conceptual thinkers out there and you social thinkers who do not have a preference for structural thinking, stop laughing at me. This is how I work best. I cannot say that I like the speed with which I work but I can say that whatever task I'm working on, when I approach it in a methodical manner, it does get done.

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