Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Healthy Workplace

According to PREP (Prevention Relationship Enhancement Program), the third basic premise for life is: people are more effective in their job if they function in a healthy team environment.

In our Playing Nice in the Sandbox workshop, I ask the participants to list three characteristics of a healthy work environment. I hear answers like trust, honesty, great communication, and team building atmosphere.

Early in my career I worked for a healthy workplace. For 13 years, I worked for Synovus Financial Corp. in Columbus, Georgia. In 1999, Fortune magazine rated Synovus as the Best Place to Work in America. Since that time, a lot of people have asked me was it really a great place to work. My answer is always the same: yes. I believe everyone who worked there knew that the company was special. The organization was consistently in the top 20 prior to being named a Best Place to Work company.

Back in those days everybody knew everybody. We were all on a first name basis. It was at Synovus that I "cut my teeth" in the business world. I learned so much about good leadership to the point that now when I see bad leadership it is easily recognizable. This is one of the reasons that I am so passionate about the work that I do. I learned from the best!

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