Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fortunate Week Ahead

I may have already told you that I do not like to use the word busy as it relates to my work. I would rather use the word fortunate. There have been many days when I have sat in my office and the phone did not ring. So, I like busy!

We have numerous workshops going on this week at the Center for Servant Leadership. For starters, today I am at Aflac where I will conduct the quarterly workshop, Servant Leadership: The World’s Greatest Leadership Philosophy.

On Wednesday, I will be at the Gardens at Calvary. We have a contract with the Gardens to provide a servant leadership training and development program for them. Wednesday’s workshop is Emergenetics. I cannot wait for that one.

Finally, I will hop in the car on Thursday and drive to Athens, Alabama where I will conduct the workshop, Playing Nice in the Sandbox, at Athens State University on Friday morning.

Each day, however, we will continue to plan for our servant leadership conference which will be held at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center on October 20.

These workshops will not deter me from blogging this week, so stay tuned!

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