Monday, March 7, 2011

STEPPING (Emergenetics) it Up at Hardaway High School

I am at Hardaway High School today presenting a four-hour Emergenetics workshop.

On most occasions, when working with schools, I conduct Emergenetics for school staffs. However, this morning I am conducting the workshop for students in the school’s servant leadership program.

The Emergenetics program for high school students is called STEP.

By the way, Hardaway High School is the only public school in the country; we know of, that has a curriculum-based servant leadership program.

It is the second time this school year that I have had the privilege of working with these students. And it is indeed a privilege because I do love working with them. They have so much exuberance and energy.

Emergenetics, technically, is a brain-based psychometric assessment that highlights thinking and behavior. In practice…it’s clarity. Simply, Emergenetics is a clearer understanding of how people live, work, communicate and interact.

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