Saturday, February 26, 2011

When Hearts Become Flame

Last Tuesday I attended the book signing of my good friend and co-worker, Dr. Stephen Muse. His book, When Hearts Become Flame, is currently #44 on the Orthodoxy list.

While relaxing on Thursday night, I decided to give the book a glance. After reading the first chapter, I couldn’t put it down.

In last week’s Ledger-Enquirer, Allison Kennedy wrote, “The book is a compilation of encounters in pastoral counseling, and in his personal life, that challenge him to interact with others on deep levels. As such, Muse wants the book itself to create connection.”

I am by no means a book reviewer but I have enjoyed what I’ve read thus far. I was particularly taken by his take on evil when he writes: “Evil happens in the world. It has from the beginning. It is one of the conditions in which we find ourselves without knowing why. The problem is not eradicating evil, for we too easily become the evil we fight.”

At some point, I am going to blog about that statement because I think it is pertinent to the workplace. I’ve seen this type of malevolence when “leaders” have tried to usurp power.

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