Sunday, January 30, 2011

We Won't Have Any Problems if You Do This

I am a Concrete Thinker, so please speak to me concretely. I need details. Don’t take it for granted that I can understand your Abstract way of thinking.

If you don’t speak to me in my language, I may not comprehend you. We will have a breakdown in communication and as a result problems may arise.

“Concrete thinkers prefer facts, real life examples, and action.” There is a reason that in school I preferred algebra to geometry. I like steps, formulas, and checklists.

Most all of my algebra teachers thought I was a genius but my geometry teacher, well, he thought otherwise.

If you have a project or if there is something you want done, take the time to explain it to me just the way you want it, and I’ll make you look good.
So, now you know me.

In the future, I don’t expect us to have any difficulty. 

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