Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We Were All Over 40 and Playing with Gadgets

On my flight today, I couldn’t help but notice the many electronic gadgets I saw.

The man across the aisle from me had an iPad. I noticed he played a couple of video games and watched a movie. Boy, that thing really looked great.

The man in front of him had what looked like the new Nintendo (what kind I don’t know). I wondered what would Madden look like on it.

The lady in front of me was reading a digital book. Oh, so that’s what the Kindle looks like.

Me, I had my DROID X with the new Nook app downloaded, and I read the first chapter of several books.

We were all over the age of 40—even the men playing the video games. I’ve seen my children or their friends with every device I saw.

It’s funny, though. When my children were small, every gadget I had they wanted and now every gadget they have I want.

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