Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Trip Around the World

Today I went to Paris, Venice, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Ok, so I didn’t go physically. I went vicariously.

Of course, I was in the bookstore. To be exact, this morning and early afternoon, I visited two bookstores. I love everything about them.

First and foremost, I love to read. That helps, so while there, I can go anywhere in the world because reading allows me that experience.

Every time I enter a bookstore, I feel at home. I get to dream as big as I want to. I love the ambience. Books are everywhere and now most of my favorite stores have coffee shops. There is nothing like the smell of a fresh cup of brew.

Oftentimes, I see a couple of my friends. By virtue of the fact that they are in a bookstore, says we have something in common, so a few minutes of chit chat is well worth my time.

After a couple of hours, it was time to leave, creative juices flowing, ready to work on the goals that will turn my dreams into a reality.

Leadership Lesson: Find a place of comfort that provides you with the opportunity to learn and dream.

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