Friday, January 7, 2011

I Wonder if My Personality is Changing...

I want to clarify something that I blogged about yesterday. I said that I didn’t use a list and I didn’t—not the way I normally do. I do have a list but I didn’t work from it like I have in the past.

On Sunday night, I made a list of everything I needed do for this week. Until yesterday morning, I followed the list (haphazardly I might add) but in the last two days, I’ve just kind of looked at it and said to myself, “What do I feel like working on right now?” Again, emphasis was placed on “feel.”

Some of the answers that popped up in my head were not on the list while some of them were. However, I began to work on whatever came to mind.

Please note that this new territory for me. It takes anywhere from 21-66 days to change a personality (or a habit), and I now wonder if my personality is changing. According to Dr. Geil Browning, Founder, Emergenetics International, there are three ways to change one’s personality.

They are:

(1) Conscious effort
(2) Drugs or alcohol
(3) Life-changing event

If my personality has changed, it must be due to #3. My life has changed a quite a bit since I came to work here at the Pastoral Institute five years ago. I’ve lost nearly 100 pounds in three years, and I’m not in a rush all of the time like I used to be.

Nevertheless, I end today with a pretty high energy level and a sense of accomplishment which is something you do not get if you are not working from your strengths.

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