Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blogging So Late Today: I Finally "Felt" Like It...LOL!

This is day number three with me living by “feeling.” I wondered yesterday if my personality was changing. However, Morgan Browning, President, Emergenetics™ International, read this blog, emailed me, and asked, “…maybe you are just leaning more towards your red then your green?

In Emergenetics™ terms, red means the Social side of my brain while green means Structural. Maybe I am. He asked me how long I have noticed this. The answer is probably about thirty days—more or less. Maybe living in the Social side of my brain is a good thing for me.

I am very much people-oriented but when I’m working and trying to get things done, I have a tendency to shut others out. This has not been the case the last three days.

Even today, I did things based on feel instead of so much structure which I have been known to do and I still accomplished a lot.

This might explain why I am blogging so late today—because I finally “felt” like it. 

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