Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Miracle, A Blessing, and A Ring

On Friday, November 5, 2010, WSFA 12 News Montgomery reported, “Dr. Marie Wooten, Dean of Auburn University's College of Sciences and Mathematics died in a pedestrian and vehicle traffic accident…on South College Street at Donahue Drive…Officers say Wooten and another woman were hit by a vehicle as they crossed the street while jogging.”

The other woman, Mrs. Frankie Askew Bell, is a friend of mine, On Monday, November 8, 2010, the Mobile Press-Register reported, “Frankie Lashawn Askew Bell, a Loachapoka High School math teacher and doctoral student in Auburn University’s College of Education’s educational leadership program, continues to recover after being injured Friday…after surgeries on Friday that included repairs to multiple breaks in legs and injures.”

Last night (Christmas) I read a Facebook post by Mrs. Bell. She wrote, “I usually don’t ask my family to get me anything for Christmas....however, this year I am glad Felix (husband) did not respect my wedding band had to be cut because of trauma...I missed my ring..yet I never said a word.. It wasn't about Felix getting the ring, but about him assuring I had it and what the ring stands for.."Continual Love.. never broken.." Mood: loving my band like a 10 carat diamond..ha!!!”

Over the years, I have heard people misuse the words blessing and miracle when referring to the goodness of their lives but this is truly both. The news reports did not do justice to the suffering, physically and psychologically, Mrs. Bell has endured. I think it must be noted that here is a person who loves to workout and run three or more miles a day.

When I visited her in the hospital a couple of days after the accident, I was worried for her and her family.

However, on my drive back to the office, I was quickly drawn back to our first meeting and thought to myself, “If there’s anyone who can bounce back from this trauma, it is Frankie Bell.”

Then as well as now she exuded a radiant personality and a fierce belief in God. I am so glad she has her ring. Mrs. Bell is blessing to us all.

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