Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Julie & Julia (and Me)

Monday was a day off for me, so I rented the movie, Julie & Julia. “The film contrasts the life of The French Chef Julia Child in the early years of her culinary career with the life of young New Yorker Julie Powell, who aspires to cook all 524 recipes in Child’s cookbook in 365 days, a challenge she described on her popular blog that would make her a published author.”

Like I do with most movies, I watched it in piece meal—fifteen to thirty minutes here and there. I know some of you might question why I would watch a “chick flick.”

It is simple. I like watching movies about people with dreams. I loved how both women pursued their passion and would not give up.

Tony Robbins once said, “People are moved to do things for two reasons: inspiration or desperation.” Julie and Julia were inspired early on with the inner challenge of having a life of meaning.

Later, they were desperate to make it happen. It wasn’t until years later that Julie and Julia found excitement in cooking that would eventually turn their dream into reality.

What about you? What is your dream? What is your passion? Are you working for it?

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