Friday, October 8, 2010

My Committee is in Session: Social Brain-Analytical Brain Conflict

A while back, we moved into our new offices here at the Pastoral Institute. Now, I have the opportunity to move into an office that has a closet—something I desperately need. However, the Social/Red (sympathetic, connected, socially aware, intuitive about people, “touchy feely”) part of my brain doesn’t want to leave. Right outside of my current office window is our new garden. It is so beautiful and peaceful.

However, the Analytical/Blue (logical, rational, objective, factual, clear thinker) part of my brain is telling me to move. “It has a closet, Kelvin. For gosh sakes, move already You’ll have more space. Your office won’t be so cluttered and you won’t feel embarrassed to invite people in for a sit-down.”

Pat, our Development Director is in charge of the move. She asked me over a week ago if I wanted to move. I avoided her like the plague after she gave me a deadline to get back her. The other day I told her I was going to move but as I look out of my current office window on this bright sunny day, I am having some serious second thoughts.

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