Thursday, July 8, 2010

5 Things You Need to Know About Your Left-Brain Manager

How a person thinks is determined by many different factors—one being whether he has a preference for Left Brain or Right Brain thinking. A person who does have a preference for left brain thinking has characteristics that are: symmetrical, rational, logical, analytical, mathematical, verbal, linear, and sequential ordering. Please note that the following points are typical but not always the case.

1. He thinks he’s smarter than you. Ever since this young man was a student in school, he has been told how intelligent he is. Why? Because most of our secondary schools are made up of the left brain, by the left brain, and for the left brain. He was always in the group that received the Best Science Award, the Best Math Award, or the Best Speller. There is a certain confidence displayed by this boss.

2. Piercing eye. If you turn in a report to him, you better believe he will read it and if you have made a mistake, he will find it. Any reports you turn in to your left brain boss, make sure you have done your research. Building credibility with this person is a must. We all remember the commercial phrase, “Where’s the beef?” Well, this boss will ask, “Where’s the proof?”

3. Wipe your tears before you enter his office. If you’re faced with a problem and you take it to your left brain boss, don’t even think about crying. What’s the point? They don’t think like you (right brain thinkers) do. They want to know the facts. They like logic and they’re extremely rational. In this instance, they are often seen being too critical and even negative. However, they merely want to get to the bottom line.

4. He’s predictable. Why is the left brain dominant thinking so predictable? For one, he is highly structured. He plans his day out in advance and when he doesn’t, he will never begin a project with a plan or a To-Do list. Because of his approach to life, he is oftentimes seen doing the same things, the same way, over and over again. By the way, he doesn’t like surprises. Therefore, you might want to make an appointment before barging into his office.

5. Cautious of new ideas. Your left brain boss likes things that are tried and true. If he needs a new idea, he will consult for projects that have already been proven to work. If you’re idea is a good one, rest assured, once he’s had time to process it, he may very well accept it.

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