Sunday, April 18, 2010

Five Dysfunctions of a Little League Parent

1. Tiger Woods Effect. Say what you will about Tiger Woods, but ever since Earl Woods, Tiger’s father, appeared on the Merv Griffin Show with a two year old Tiger, parents world-wide have taken to putting a baseball bat, golf club, or tennis racket in their young child’s hand at an early age and dreaming of the day when their child will reach the heights of stardom never before seen.

2. Reality Check Needed. Many parents tend to look at their children through rose-colored glasses thinking their children can do-no-wrong. However, if the truth be told, they simply don’t live in reality when it comes to their children playing sports. Did you know that a person has a 40 in 10,000,000 chance of making it in the National Basketball Association (NBA)?

3. Speak ill of the child’s coach in the child’s presence. This is an absolute no-no but it happens. This behavior only reinforces whatever ill-will exists between all parties involved.

4. Yes Dear. The unknowing spouse believes everything the all-knowing-spouse says and unknowingly repeats his/her mantra everywhere he/she goes which creates more problems.

5. Fight & Flight. You’ve heard of the Fight or Flight Syndrome? Well, this is the Fight and Flight Syndrome. Dysfunctional parents will fight the coach, the league, and the commissioner down to the bone in order to get their way. It is only when they see that they won’t get their way that they will remove their child from the team and the league and place the child in a subpar league. It is at this point that the child finally becomes a superstar. But does he/she…?

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