Sunday, April 25, 2010

Discover Your Calling: Three Important Questions

Several years ago, when I was a participant in the Synovus Leadership Institute, Andy Fleming, Facilitator, asked our class to ponder the following three questions. Upon doing so, it made a tremendous difference in my life. The answer to these questions helped me discover my calling and placed me on a journey that has led me to where I am right now in my life. At the center of these questions/answers is what Andy called your Sweet Spot. I’d like to share them with you.

1. What are you good at? Everyone is born with at least one talent, but it is up to each individual to find out for himself what that one talent is. The answer to this question is step one to placing you on a journey of a lifetime. However, you must be truthful with yourself. If you are not honest, you will continue to cycle through this merry-go-round we call life. What is the one thing you do well? What is the one thing people have always said that you were good at? Answering the question of what you are good at may take some time—meditation on your part. Why not begin now? What are you waiting for?

2. What do you enjoy doing? It’s one thing to be good at something, but it’s another to enjoy doing it. There are lots of things that I enjoy doing but there is only one that sings to my soul. What sings to your soul?

3. Where in this world is there a need (to do what you're good at)? I’m a firm believe that if you can answer the first two questions, the Universe will take care of the rest.

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