Thursday, September 3, 2009

When Your Decisions Create Ill Will

Making good decisions is one of the corner stones of being a good leader. Good leaders make tough decisions themselves and do not pawn them off to their employees.

One day, while visiting another organization, Mitch took the opportunity to sell some of his child’s fundraising items to a couple of its employees. He passed by the division manager and after a little light banter told her that he had taken the time to sell a few of the fundraising items. She laughed and nonchalantly didn’t comment either way.

The next day Mitch received an email from one of the division manager’s employees. In the message, the employee told Mitch that the division manager said he was not to sell anymore of his fundraising items in their company.

This bothered Mitch. Why didn’t the division manager say this directly to him when they spoke the day before.

Situations like this could have been easily handled the day before if the division manager had politely told Mitch that what he did was against their company’s procedures but she failed to do so. This made the employee who sent the email look and feel bad and it made Mitch angry.

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